Hello there !
Welcome to Vegan GEESE, a blog run by two vegan geese living in Lyon, France!

We want to share our vegan adventures with the world!
Both of us grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota (northern USA) and are now living and studying in France.

pictured: downtown Minneapolis, close to where we grew up and where our families live πŸ™‚

What can you expect to see on our blog ?

  • recipes that we have either created or tested ourselves,Β 
  • nutritional advice, how we strive to meet all of our dietary needs
  • tips on how to navigate a world primarily made of non-vegansΒ 
  • stories about our life together in France
  • travel vlogs, photos and stories from time spent exploring the globe
  • VEGGIES, lots and lots of veggies !Β 
  • how to veganize orders at restaurants
  • how to be vegan on a student budget
  • eating out as a vegan in our favorite cities

After being super inspired at this year’s VeggieWorld in Lyon, we decided to start sharing our vegan journey with the world to connect with other vegans and non-vegans alike. We hope to simultaneously learn from and inspire others in order to contribute to a greener and happier mother Earth.

We hope that you will join us on this journey and become a part of our flock !
Sending lots of hugs and vegan vibes your way —
❀ Sam and Brian ❀