A vegan world (Un monde vegan)

Here in Lyon, we are super lucky to have an ENTIRELY vegan grocery store near the center of the city, called Un Monde Vegan – a vegan world !

It is an amazing place where you can find all of your vegan essentials and MORE !

If you are ever in Lyon or Paris you should make sure to check them out πŸ™‚ The people who work there are super knowledgeable and friendly. They often have sales and are a great place to get hard-to-find products such as egg substitutes, B12 vitamins, and the biggest selection of vegan meats and cheeses in town all in one place.

Check out their website to see all of their amazing products. If you live in France (and apparently even in Belgium) you can have their products delivered right to your door !

Here is a list of some of the amazing products you can find on their website or in their store locations : chocolate, ice cream mix, sausages, fondue cheese, burgers, nutritional yeast, falafel mix, coconut oil, veggie milks, pastries, vegan vitamins and supplements, vegan lube, pizzas, cookbooks, smoothie powders, vegan makeup, mayo, bleu cheese, pizza cheese, vegan condoms, seitan mix, vegan dog food, and so much more !!!!

It is so refreshing to go into a store and pick up any product and KNOW that it is 100% vegan without having to reread the label over and over.

Stores such as this one exist all over the world. Just hop over to google and enter “vegan store” and see what pops up.

Going to this store is not something that our student budget allows us to do ALL of the time, but it always makes us happy to support our local vegan businesses. It is also a really great place to check out if you are thinking of trying veganism out, because you can see that there are cruelty-free versions of almost everything!

Check out this video, giving a tour of their Paris location. The video is in French but it is still worth the watch to see what the store looks like and to get an idea of the products that they carry.

Happy Friday and much vegan love,

Vegan Geese ❀

ps: if you happen to live in Paris or Lyon they are having a sale to celebrate their nine year anniversary ! All the more reason to check them out πŸ™‚ They have a bunch of yummy products at really great prices and are always getting new products in store!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend ❀



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