My travel experience in Vienna, Austria as a vegan!

A little over a year ago (spring 2017) I, along with a few friends, traveled to Vienna during one of our study abroad breaks! We stayed in an Airbnb north of the city center in an area known as Alsergrund, which is just a few tram stops away from the heart of Vienna. Having only stayed there for a couple of days, I would really like to travel back sometime soon to be able to see even more of this beautiful city. Close to where we were staying, there were many vegan options! Just opening up the website happy cow, we were flooded with an array of different vegan options. The first night of our trip of course we had to have…. Ethiopian food!

The restaurant we ate at is called Ethiopian Restaurant, which I love because it’s straight to the point! That night me and a friend split this delicious meal (below). We were treated with so much kindness by the staff who provided us with an English menu and served us some yummy Ethiopian tea that they were making over a fire near the center of the restaurant. This was the first time that I had ever eaten a meal with my hands but it was so fun and now I do it all the time πŸ˜‰

Near here I was also able to get some really delicious breakfast food the following morning at Blueorange! The amazing thing about Austria is that they really know how to cater to vegans and the grocery stores are full of vegan meats and cheeses if for some reason you can’t find a restaurant to eat at πŸ™‚

There is also a Japanese food chain called Akakiko that has locations all over the city! I would always get the avocado sushi and fried rice which was clearly marked as vegan and so delicious!

If you want to eat somewhere with a 100% vegan menu, I recommend Veggiezz! This is also a chain restaurant here in Vienna with locations all over! The portion sizes aren’t the biggest but if you’re looking for a quick lunch or something to go it’s worth trying.

I hope after seeing all of these scrumptious meals you are even more excited than ever to travel to Vienna. This city was really a sweet spot with gorgeous buildings, friendly locals, and enough museums to please every member of the family. I hope to travel back soon but for now, I’ll enjoy looking back on the beautiful memories I made with some good friends!

Until next time,

Vegan Geese


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