Traveling to Malta! Amazing food and views around every corner :)

In the spring of 2017 I had the amazing opportunity to spend a week in Malta and it was a week full of amazing discovers and beautiful experiences! For those of you who have never heard of Malta, it’s an island off the cost of Africa located southwest of the boot of Italy but still part of the European Union (so you can pay in euros) ❤


As a vegan traveler, there is nothing better than landing and opening up Happy Cow to find so many vegan options to choose from. The part of the island I was staying on was called Bugibba and in this area I was able to find 3 amazing places with vegan dishes and deserts! The first night I arrived I stumbled across this amazing restaurant called Gandhi Tandoori that had an all you can eat 100% VEGAN Indian buffet and it was to die for! Here is some of the food I ate!

The pricing was reasonable and the staff was very friendly. There was no need to call ahead of time but it is always a good idea to check their Facebook page for the latest information as the nights they offer the vegan buffet may vary! But don’t worry, there is always something vegan to eat there! If you’re aren’t feeling like having Indian food, look no further than….. NEXT DOOR!

It’s a vegan’s dream to discover new restaurants without even trying and that night I did just that! Walking out the door of the Indian restaurant I realized that there was a huge sign on the restaurant next door saying that they too offered vegan and gluten free options! The following night, I returned to check out this restaurant and was pleasantly surprised by what I found!

Mezzaluna is an Italian style restaurant with the nicest staff I have ever met! They new exactly what vegan was and made me and my friends amazing vegan pizzas WITH VEGAN CHEESE the few times we stopped in! They said that most items on their menu could be made vegan and they did not disappoint! (There is even a tab on their website called vegan dishes!) Here are some things we got:

Each pizza was unique and full of flavor, they had a great wine selection and food that every family member would enjoy!

So now you’ve just stuffed your face with pizza and you’re like me so you’re still hungry…. but what do you do?! GET GELATO!

Near Bugibba square there is an Italian gelato shop called SottoZero that offers over 10 different kinds of vegan gelato and it’s all clearly labeled and tastes amazing! I swear I went there ever single day and I had no regrets…… It was irresistible and authentic! My friends who weren’t vegan tried both kinds of the same gelato and preferred the vegan variant! It was creamy and smooth and everything you would want in your gelato!

All I all, this trip was one of my favorites hands down. I met so many nice locals, tried so much yummy food and saw so many beautiful sights. In comparison to other European and American travel destinations this one was by far the cheapest and so so beautiful. I recommend anyone to travel here because you will not regret it. The bus system is cheap and easy to navigate to see the whole island and the color and cleanliness of the sea is something else! If you have the chance, I also really recommend taking a 5 euro ferry to another island near by called Gozo, which is where they filmed some of the show Game of Thrones! Here are some photos from the trip!

I look forward to return to this country soon and experiencing even more adventures and taste even more vegan food! Thank you guys so much for the kindness and support that you have show us on this blog! We will see you all in the next post and I wish you all an amazing rest of your day! Thank you and much vegan love,

Vegan Geese ❤


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